You’ll Be Grateful Knowing These Vinyl Siding Maintenance Tips

Some of you might surprised and say, “I chose vinyl siding because it requires no maintenance!” But in fact, it does need maintenance. Do not imagine calling an expert, you can do it by your own but in case you do not have any time, using vinyl maintenance service provider would not cost you much.

vinyl siding maintenance

Wash Your Vinyl Siding Once Per Year

Yes, only once of every twelve months or 365 days in your life. It will not take long time, only one or two hours. You need to do this because while it’s always clean inside your home, there are dirts, stains, or grimes accumulated on your outside siding. Do not be surprised if you find any mildew or mold if you live in shady and damp area. If you do not clean these things, the vinyl will gradually look grimy and time to time will be harder to be cleaned.

So, when you and your family members devote your time to wash it, take hose and clothes or soft bristle brushes with you. Prepare 1/3 cup powered laundry detergent, a quart of liquid laundry bleach, 2/3 cup powered household cleaner, and 1 gallon of water. Mix them and use as the cleaner, you can purchase other cleaning products if you want. Clean the vinyl siding from the bottom and working your way up so such streaking can be avoided. If there is any stubborn dirt, rub it carefully.

Be Careful Not to Crack or Break Your Siding

Unlike wood siding that rot or aluminum siding that can dent, vinyl siding can crack, break, and puncture. Park your vehicles carefully and do not hit the vinyl siding. It also can become brittle due to extreme cold exposure. Keep the vinyl in good shape by planting the trees away from your home and trim the shrubbery. But if you find any section damaged badly, replace it soon.\

Periodically Check Your Siding

Do investigate if there is any suspicious staining or streaking on the vinyl or beneath the foundation wall. Vinyl siding can conceal issues that related to the moistrue. This might be the sign of hidden trouble. Loose areas of vinyl siding are also a warning sign since the screws and nails that secure vinyl siding to the wall can lose their holding power due to the rotten wood. Check if your vinyl siding shows any of these signs to avoid larger problems.

Pay Attention

You might find many tips that say vinyl is easy to be burned since it has low melting point but the truth is, vinyl itself has to reach 387 celcius degree (730 fahrenheit degree) to be burned by other materials or 454 celcius degree (850 fahrenheit degree) to self-ignite. However, park your gas grills 2 to 3 feet away from the siding can prevent any melted patch.

The last one, although the purpose of applying vinyl siding is to avoid regular painting, vinyl might be faded that you might want to repaint it. Choose white, pale, or gray color and never choose any dark or heat absorbing color.