Aluminum vs Steel Garage Doors

Your car really needs a garage with a strong and durable door. There are so many choices about the type of garage door you prefer. You may choose a wood material, aluminum, and steel material. But, aluminum and steel are two good options if we compare them to wood material. However, aluminum and steel still have their own weaknesses. So, which one is the best garage door material? Let us compare aluminum vs steel garage door for your information.

aluminum vs steel garage doors

The Aluminum vs Steel Garage Door

It is your decision to choose an aluminum garage door or steel door. The steel garage door is now very popular among the car owners. However, you may still choose the aluminum door that also can be a good choice. Here are the comparisons between aluminum and steel garage door that you have to know.


If we talk about durability, then the winner will be the steel garage door. Steel is a strong material and even stronger than iron. So, if you really want to have a durable garage door, then you must choose steel rather than aluminum. Aluminum is easy to be dented and curved. When you hit the aluminum door with your car, then it will be dented.


If we talk about the price, the winner will be the aluminum because it is cheaper than steel. Thus, if you do not have enough money to build a steel garage door, then the aluminum material is the best choice. However, you must get difficult when you are about to replace some parts of your aluminum garage door because aluminum garage door is not too popular.


If we talk about garage door maintenance, then the winner will be the aluminum because aluminum cannot corrode despite it is exposed to water every day. Meanwhile, you need to add extra maintenance to prevent your steel garage door from corrosion. You need to repaint the steel door when it is rusty. For those who live in a hot area, it is alright to choose steel material as your garage door, but not for those who live in humid areas.


If we talk about the operation, then aluminum is easier to operate rather than the steel garage door. The steel garage door is heavier than the aluminum door. So, it is a bit difficult to operate the steel garage door manually. But, steel door is a good idea for an automatic garage door. If you prefer a manual garage door, then you have to choose the aluminum garage door that is lighter than the steel door.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

You have a right to choose the type of garage door that you want to apply. You can choose the aluminum door garage or the steel one. But, you have to consider several things if you decide to use aluminum and steel garage door. If you choose steel garage door, you need to paint the door to avoid corrosion, especially when you live in a humid area. If you use aluminum garage door, painting the aluminum is an option. But, if you want to make your garage door look good, then you can paint it either. Next, you can clean the garage door regularly to prevent it from sticky debris or mold because it can erase the paint and make the steel corrode. At last, you can consult with the expert for the best garage door maintenance.