4 Reasons You Need Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Siding or sometimes called as wall cladding is needed for every home to protect your home especially from the sun, heat, cold, rain, or even snow.  Vinyl siding is a plastic siding for weatherproofing and decoration for your home, or other buildings. This new type of siding has replaced the drawbacks of wood or aluminum siding. Vinyl is made from a material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin which weigh about 80% from the whole vinyl, while 20% part contains ingredients to support its durability, flexibility, impact resistance, color, opacity, and gloss.

why you need vinyl siding for your home

There are numerous choice of siding you can apply to your home, but apparently vinyl siding is everyone’s choice now. Vinyl siding is the most installed exterior cladding in US and Canada for houses, apartment, and other buildings. You might wonder why, here are the reasons.

Vinyl Siding is Affordable for Every Family

It’s cheaper than stone or wood sidings but not extremely cheap, that’s why we said it is affordable. There are options where you can choose between the high-quality vinyl or low-quality vinyl. The vinyl with high-quality one works for longer time than the low one. Beside its durability, higher price of vinyl siding is also depended on tar paper or house wrap, the Styrofoam backed it, and the installation cost.

Low Maintenance

You and your family members have lots of work to do (not to mention the house work) so it will be best to have siding that only require low maintenance. What you must do is only ensure the vinyl siding applied to your home in good condition and clean. Any dirt is easy to be cleaned by water and soap, and unlike the wood, vinyl doesn’t require regular painting. But still, painting is recommended if you always want to see your home bright, beautiful, and appealing.

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Many Options That Will Enhance Your Home

What is the point of having beautiful house if the siding makes your home juts “usual”? Well, your home will remain beautiful or even more beautiful with vinyl siding. There are a lot of color, texture, profile, architectural accents and trim, and other accessories of vinyl you can choose to enhance your home’s look. You can even custom your vinyl siding that suit your preferences and taste. Once your vinyl siding is applied to your home, you can forget about the fading, peeling, and warping because vinyl will always look perfect. As we said previously, beside the cleaning almost no maintenance is needed!

Its Durability has Never Been Compromised

You might think, that stone and brick is the most durable vinyl and it’s quite true. But vinyl siding’s durability can be compared to those siding materials. Compared to the wood and aluminum siding, vinyl is much more durable and stronger. Although there might be any dance stings or scratches on your vinyl, these quite invisible due to vinyl coloration since the color is also within the vinyl, not only on the surface. So, no need to replace anything, right?